Day 20

It has been several months since I picked up a brush. And while I sit here at the cottage with the weather being unfavourable I find myself wanting to practice pinstriping more and more.

But as previously mentioned, the weather is unfavourable. It is raining lots and the humidity just doesn’t allow the paint to dry well. Not only that I find that one of my brushes is responding really weird. I would figure that this is just attributed by the humidity.

My friend is allowing me to stripe his nephew’s trainer guitar. Nothing to flashy just something simple.


Day 20 – loosing count of all the missed days

It has been so long since I have posted to this blog and I wonder why.

I actually don’t wonder why, I know why, and I guess I am just making excuses for myself. I got extreemly caught up in the unimportant stuff in life, and the seemingly more expensive things that provide me more of a return on my inner self turned out to be the cheaper thing to do.

I also have an interest in remote control cars and was hoping to bridge an artistic and technical gap that I have been feeling for a long time. In turn this may not have been a bad idea but what it ended up doing was taking time away from what I love doing on a daily basis for relaxation (obviously pinstriping!)

As a result, I have decided to go back to my path of 10,000 lines.

I will be starting from 0 again and resetting my line counter.


I need to get things back in order! until then!

Day 19 – a little behind but great news

Great news. I am currently in talks with to become a pinstriping paint and materials distributor. It is not One Shot paint as most people are used to seeing. But, from the looks of it, it looks like a very promising paint and materials company.

Follow them on Facebook too. Look for

Day 18 – ? really? let’s be realistic!

Sorry to all those people who are actually following my blog! I have been lazy and non-confident of my skills and my posts lately. I have posted pics of my daughter’s RC car remote that I recently repainted and I will post pics of the RC car I painted for her to match the paint theme.


You must be asking yourself “what does this have to do with pinstriping?” Well truth of the matter is that I find that everything relates to everything else. So me painting an RC car, or a RC remote, or a scale model… It is all boils down to the same thing! My patience and attention to detail. Which is what should be what you focus on!

I am tired of putting my all into something and seeing that other people don’t… what’s that saying?… do it for themselves’? but I mean that, when you “know”.. YOU KNOW! you can do better but you choose to say… well that’s good enough.


That’s what I’m talking about. The path to 10,000 lines isn’t about getting it done. The path is all about doing it right and giving it my all. Hell I’ll listen to Skrillex or Zepplin or Zed or M or whatever while doing it. Even listen to nothing because listening to my own thoughts are sometimes more interesting.

Day 16 – switching it up

I am terribly sorry that I have not kept up to date since my last post. I am still on the path to ten thousand lines. The unfortunate part is that, like all, I need to keep the bills paid. And at this current moment, as I am unemployed, the most important thing to me is keeping up the job hunt to keep the bills paid.

Luckily still within the same vein of painting; I have started to repaint the remote control to my daughter’s r/c car.

I have started out by deciding on a colour theme (Gulf racing blue and orange) and masking off the necessary parts. Well actually first step after the colour scheme was to disassemble and remove the electronics.

Whatever the case. I masked, painted, applied decals, clear coated, and am now doing the orange then applying decals clear coating and then sealing with a clear coat. In between there has been some wet and dry sanding.









Day 15 – back in the groove

It’s been a while since I have had the time to work on my lines. I started reading the hand lettering book by Dick Bird and it is a great read for a beginner. I would have preferred it to be more descriptive of the strokes used or have some practice exercises. But hey, still worth every penny. I did 30 lines recently as I have been working on my résumé and building up my professional network. I’m happily doing the corporate thing after realizing my skillet is in both the arts and the Information Technologies sector. In short I’m a artsy computer geek or vice versa.

I will be working on a new stroke soon as I’m almost at my 1000 vertical line mark.

Here is a picture. Enjoy.

Yes my lines are getting really straight.


Day 14 – holiday

So today at ten am we received a welcoming ring of the doorbell from the FedEx man. I received my Freehand Lettering by Dick Bird book. The reviews of this book were not spectacular but I decided to get it anyways. I mean for a book that has been selling since 1983, even with bad reviews, must have useful information to be still selling. And I was right. This thing is a GEM! Techniques, tips, stories. Some might look through the book and think nothing of it, but do not overlook and underestimate this book. This is essentially exactly like when I was taking hand lettering in graphic design back in college but in paper form and on file! This is a great piece of reference material. Along with my copy of The Elements of Typographic Style, I feel like I am armed to the teeth with lettering techniques and knowledge.

So what if the end of the holidays left me with sitting on my duff and enjoying the good food and company? Now it is time to get back in to the swing of things and become my own teacher and student as I learn the stuff I want to do.

On a good note. A friend came over and said “so I hear you are taking the path to 10,000 lines” as if it were a know thing to do. It felt almost religious or even zen link to hear that. “The path” I like that!

And now some photos.





Day 13 – not exactly pinstriping

So today I didn’t do many lines as I was in preparation for family and friends visiting for the holidays. Alternatively, I used the time to practice hand lettering on my kitchen wall. I’m fortunate enough to have a blackboard wall into kitchen so that periodically I can put up signs and drawings on the wall and practice.

So just in time for the holidays and time for a little break (maybe)… Enjoy the images.




Day – 12 not a productive day… But

Well even though I have not done any lines for day twelve I figured it important to at least provide some useful information.

Below you see my main supplies and brushes. I don’t have a lot at the moment, but I believe you shouldn’t need a lot if you care for your things.

I have two 00 MACK series 20 that I use daily and another brand new unopened for later. I have a 00 broad liner for thick lines. A HOT ROD CUSTOMS size 1 brush that I have modified and nicknamed my XX. I don’t like to take away people’s business but the HOT ROD CUSTOMS brushes found on eBay are awful, not only that the seller never gets back to you unless it is to trash talk you. I have a coach liner brush which pulls super fine super long lines and curves. This is a very difficult brush to use and it had sat around more that it has been used. I love this brush and it was my very first brush, but I don’t practice enough with it. Last but not least is my 0000 MACK x-caliber brush for super fine lines and control. This thing is a miniature beast.

Cleaning supplies are isopropyl alcohol 99%, mineral spirits, lacquer thinner, STEVE KAFKA brand brush preserving oil and fish eye reducer fluid.

As for paints, right now I have DorR’s custom formula Sublime Green 1Shot paint, white, and chamois all in the 4oz format. I will be picking up an 8oz can of red and white soon.

I use pearl ex micro flocking for when I want a sparkle in my lines but it is hard to handle.